ITOCD Event 2008


Targeting the Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF):

Molecular Biology and Clinical Practice

Chairs: D. R. Gandara, Davis / N. Saijo, Tokyo


Case Presentation - Advanced Stage NSCLC

D. R. Gandara, Davis

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Predictive and Prognostic Factors: Current status

J. Heymach, Houston

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Inhibitors of VEGF receptor tyrosine kinases

U. Gatzemeier, Großhansdorf

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Monoclonal Antibodies against VEGF

A. B. Sandler, Nashville

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Clinical Assessment of Angiogenesis by modern imaging

C. Fink, Mannheim

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What have we learned from Clinical Trials?

C. Manegold, Mannheim

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Imaging and Targeted Therapy

Chairs: D. H. Grunenwald, Paris / R. A. Stahel, Zurich


Current Technical Advances in Cross-Sectional Imaging

S. Schönberg, Mannheim

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Staging of NSCLC by PET / PET-CT

J. F. Vansteenkiste, Leuven

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Therapy Monitoring and Prognostic Value of State-of-the-Art Imaging for Predicting Outcome

E. F. Smit, Amsterdam

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Modern Imaging from Bench to Bedside

F. Kiessling, Heidelberg

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Imaging Trials in Thoracic Oncology

M. V. Knopp, Columbus

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Poster Session

Chairs: F. Cappuzzo, Milan / T. Muley, Heidelberg


Poster Session and Poster Awards

T. Muley, Heidelberg

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Poster Discussion

F. Cappuzzo, Milan

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Targeting the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR): Molecular Biology and Clinical Practice

Chairs: F.A. Shepherd, Toronto / P. – C. Yang, Taipei


Molecular Biology of the EGFR-Pathway

A. F. Gazdar, Dallas

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Molecular Predictors of Response and Survival

T. J. Lynch, Jr. , Boston

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Clinical Predictors of Response and Survival

T. Mok, Hong Kong

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Next Generation of EGFR Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors

M. Kris, New York

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Monoclonal Antibodies

R. Pirker, Vienna

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What have we learned from Clinical Trials?

N. Thatcher, Manchester

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Gene Expression Guided Therapy

Chairs: M. Papotti, Torino / J. Niklinski, Bialystok


Molecular Basis

H. Allgayer, Mannheim

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D. P. Carbone, Nashville

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Gene expression profiling predicting chemo-sensitivity

A. Potti, Durham

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Accurate Prediction of Disease Recurrence in Early-Stage NSCLC by Molecular Profiling

N. van Zandwijk, Sydney

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Candidate Genes for Tailored Therapy

G. V. Scagliotti, Torino

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Prospective Clinical Trials testing the Concept of Tailored Therapy

G. Bepler, Tampa

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May Histology Guide Therapy?

F. R. Hirsch, Denver

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Novel Treatment Strategies

P. Postmus, Amsterdam / J. S. Lee, Seoul



C. A. Butts, Edmonton

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Combination of Targeted Therapies

G. D. Goss, Ottawa

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m-tor and SARK-Inhibitors

T. Mok, Hong Kong

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Targeted Drugs and Radiotherapy

F. Mornex, Lyon

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Targeted Drugs in Early Disease

M. Nicolson, Aberdeen

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2008 Challenges in Thoracic Oncology I

Chairs: P. van Schil, Antwerp / C. Zhou, Shanghai


The changing Epidemiology of Lung Cancer

C. M. Dresler, Little Rock

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Lung Cancer in Women

S. Novello, Torino

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The Essentials of the Novel TMM Classification

P. Goldstraw, London

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NSCLC: Adjuvant Therapy

J.-Y. Douillard, Nantes

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Advances in Supportive Care

P. Harper, London

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2008 Challenges in Thoracic Oncology II

Chairs: W. E. E. Eberhardt, Essen / K. Syrigos, Athens



A. Marx, Mannheim

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Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma

H. L. Kindler, Chicago

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Thoracic Sarcomas

M. Schwarzbach, Mannheim / P. Hohenberger, Mannheim

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A. Ardizzoni, Parma

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How to Implement Research Questions in the Mulitcenter Setting: Current Status in North America, Europe and Asia

Moderator: R. Herrmann, Basel



J. Bruns, G. Forster, G. D. Goss, T. Le Chevalier, T. Mok, N. Saijo, D. R. Gandara

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